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Danse d'Eau

Danse D'eau subtly lets a water droplet fall between both ears, weaving its way through the mind and igniting dreams. You traverse an unpredictable universe of sounds from Nebulae to the pure beauty of the Argentine table mountains in Tepuyes. Along the way, you pick up hope, tranquility, and vivacity. Comfort and acceptance are also to be found amidst the undulating music of Alfonsina y el mar. This droplet sings its praises to life, letting you dance carefree across summer fields, in sensual tangos, or amidst the intoxicating scent of a lotus flower.

The music in Danse D'eau is eccentric, dynamic, and elegant, much like the flexible force of liquid life.

Here and Now

In 2012 five years after the creation of Four Times a Lady, it was time to record a CD: a compilation of ten beautiful works for guitar quartet.


Four women with a healthy portion of life energy present an original and distinctive program. We take you on a musical journey along all major continents and along the most diverse atmospheres: melancholy, irony, humor, desire, strength, seduction, mystery ... All this on 24 strings, guitar music with zest!


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